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Wedding Planning Company nagpur

Rishtey - The Lavish Weddings, is a Wedding Planning Company in Nagpur which is a project in partnership with Bizarre Events & Celebrity Management is specialised in promoting big fat Indian weddings in the international weddings market with the aim of attracting prestigious destination weddings.

We provide the best suppliers and support the client in each stage of the event organization helping you to find the venues, plan a luxurious menu and any services you need for your dream wedding.

We offer a boutique approach to wedding planning and design. Our team consists of young enthusiastic individuals specialised in Stage Designing, Decor & Food Service.

Providing all segments of a luxurious wedding right from venue, decoration, Bollywood style Sangeet & Choreography, Haldi Function, Pool Party till the last moment of your dream wedding.

Our company has the best line of industry experts associated with us, to deliver the best in class.

Wedding Planning Company nagpur

Haldi Ceremony :

The haldi ceremony is a treasure trove of good memories and great pictures! 


Here a complete guide on how to plan yours, so as to make the most of this very special occasion. 


The haldi ceremony is often marked as an intimate gathering, just ahead of the main wedding ceremony. So, it’s where your family - mums, sister, cousins, close friends and near relatives will shower their love on your

(proverbially and something literally), blessing you against ‘buri nazar’ and for a happy married life ahead. These blessings are blended (often with regional and cultural variations), with either milk, rose water, sandalwood, cured and other herebs and then spread liberally over the bride and groom’s face arms and legs.

Mehndi Ceremony :

Love the henna but confused about the ritual behind

it all ?

We break down the absolutely essential mehndi ceremony. Why it happens, what all should be done and how do you ace it as past of your pre-wedding story tuned! 


‘ Mehndi hai rachne wali, haathon par gehri laali..... 


Kahe sakhiyan, ab kaliyan, haathon par khilne wali hai’ 


Held a day before the actual wedding, the Mehndi ceremony is a fun-filled, nostalgic sit down for the bride, her cousins, siblings, friends, aunts and other. This is their day, filled with fun, laughter, songs, dance and game as each sits down for a dollop of mehndi over their hands and feet.

Wedding Planning Company nagpur
Wedding Planning Company nagpur

Sangeet Night :

Keen on a grand Sangeet, but don't know the first thing when it comes to organising it? Here is a list of exciting sangeet ideas which will help you organise it into a memorable night! What’s that one wedding function which amps up the entertainment level to the fullest? Well, it’s the Sangeet ceremony!  Wedding functions are not complete without some Dance-Shance and the sangeet ceremony is the only function where all the wedding tensions take a backseat and everyone gets to enjoy it with ease. A celebration with friends, music and a whole of dance. The bride-to-be decides to show a little swag, the groom and his boys show a little panache.

Happy times are here! Why not ooze up the sangeet ceremony decor with some glitz and glam? Wedding functions are incomplete without decorations. The sangeet decor needs to make a statement! Be it a ladies sangeet or a rocking sangeet night, the decor always adds a cherry to the cake. Play well with the idea of adding a beautiful backdrop on the stage so that your guests can perform with all hearts! Opt for different sangeet theme ideas while you make a bunch of gleeful memories with your family.

Pool Party :

Poolside and beachside parties are the new trends that are being adopted by the couple and it definitely adds excitement, thrill and loads and loads of fun to a wedding celebration. 

Will, splashing water parties have always been fun, be it a beach or a pool and guess what we have in store for you this time? Yes, you guessed it right! This time we have come up with absolutely amazing pool party ideas and inspirations that we were able to capture, so that you don’t have a hard time adding this super cool party to your event list.

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