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If you are looking for Bollywood Celebrities for your upcoming event or if you need an Artist to perform, your search is over. Let us take care of all your needs and make your celebration special. 

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Building Brand Power BIZARRE guides celebrities to success.


Herfunmola is comprised of a Multi Genre musicians who play Indie Rock / Bollywood, adding there own psychedelics to music. Herfunmola is a 6 piece bollywood / fusion rock project with some of the best established musicians from delhi coming together to give there vision a reality. Herfunmola Adds its own flavour to the

music to make it fun for everyone.

More Than Appearances: BIZARRE - Experts in comprehensive celebrity management


We are Shivoham the fusionist offers an unique blend of performance background and musical ability that is sure to engage any crowd.

Our song selection may be new to some, but will be enjoyable for all, Our goal is to provide a high energy, musically diversed show that no other band can offer. which will accomplish through a rare blend of instruments and personalities.

Navigating the Spotlight ,BIZARRE ensures a smooth path for celebrities.


"Engineer Singer Ban Gaya" started at the age of 20 while studying bio technology. Always eager to create something new & melodious Got trained by one of the finest singers in india.

Divy Lata has recently worked as a music director / singer in a web series under the banner of madmidas films which got featured in MX player.

Event planning for celebrity guest appearances


Most dynamic performer of Nagpur who carries an iconic voice and creates high end historical show's after his every performance. He started his career in 2007 and has performed many shows pan India with being a participant in "sa re ga ma pa lil champs" till a decade crossed with more than 6000 live shows.


He also auditioned Indian idol season 5 & 6 with an award for Radio City super singer of Nagpur.

Coordinating schedules for celebrity clients


Top of the list DJ MONTZ is a celebrity DJ who has been ranked under Asia's top 25 DJ's 2020, he has performed in many Sunburn parties, Holi Colours of Asia. He has performed in all of the top clubs in India. He is great for all kind of music with an experience of more than a decade.

He is great experienced dj and best for festivals and large parties.

Behind-the-scenes of celebrity management team


Dj Mady is a star performer who has opened in Tomorrowland, Sunburn parties, Holi Reload and Red Bull Jam Fx. He was a resident Dj in Dubai for almost two years and he has performed in all of the top clubs in India.

He is a great experienced dj of all time ever.

Celebrity endorsements handled by Bizarre event managers in Nagpur


Dj Ziya has being into djing from last 6 years started with

Bollywood, Commercial and later on her music. She has a unique style of performing and a different taste in music.

She has played Dj in Dubai, Oman, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa and many other cities of India. She is an mindblowing artist for your events.

Bizarre Nagpur's event firm coordinating celebrity appearances


Trained in Mumbai at Partymapdjacademy he is a great performer who plays in all genres such as EDM, HOUSE, BOLLYWOOD, HIP HOP.

Being in love with music in his whole life he joined the entertainment scene in 2016. He had played in many parties such as NYE20, Rotacon 21', and in many clubs of Nagpur.

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